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Leather Products Manufacturer

We are one of the leading leather products manufacturers in India.

Alhamd Leather - Leather Products Manufacturer

Men's Accessories

We understand the fashion and we understand the trend so we designee accordingly.

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Women's Accessories

Women loves to be praised so we do our part to make sure you don’t miss out on that.

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Unisex Accessories

If you are confused with what to pick then you must look at this unisex collection.

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It was a large vision that drove Alhamd Leather Pvt.Ltd. to start its activities in a small way in 1985 and through the consecutive years it has managed to become one of the most successful companies of its sector in terms of both production capacity and product quality. Today it boasts a professional management with an operation that includes 500+ employees working in a serene environment with modern machinery. Alhamd Leather Pvt.Ltd. has not sacrificed its concepts of quality while attaining this auspicious position.

In a world where competition is getting tougher every day and where borders are being lifted, it has become vital that businesses ensure total customer satisfaction along with a high quality product. In such a climate Alhamd Leather Pvt.Ltd. has assumed the principle of meeting all of the expectations of its customers.

Since its foundation Alhamd Leather Pvt.Ltd has aimed at attaining a rightfully earned the name and by continually making strides in this direction has become one of the companies most preferred by foreign customers. Today Alhamd Leather Pvt.Ltd exports its products to different parts of the world.

Our commitment toward our work is something that we are known for. Alhamd Leather Pvt.Ltd ensures that we will never compromise with our quality at any cost and this commitment of ours is something that makes up different from all other competitors of ours.

About Alhamd Leather

At Alhamd Leather we manufacture lather products for the buyers often order in bulk. We maintain our head office & factories in the central business district of Kolkata with a skilled design studio, production, materials management, quality assurance, marketing & export management staff.


82C, Matheswar Talla Road
+91 98366 34499

Why Alhamd Leather?

Our skilled makers handcraft all products in our factories using first grade materials, under personal supervision & strict quality checking at all manufacturing stages for total quality assurance & timely deliveries.